New Whitman OFFICIAL UNITED STATES U.S Commemorative HalF DOLLAR Album BOOK#9159

New Whitman OFFICIAL UNITED STATES U.S Commemorative HalF DOLLAR Album BOOK#9159

U.S. Commemorative Halves Whitman Album VOL #1Model     Size     Color     Pack Qty9159     9x7.25     Classic Blue     1The Whitman U.S. Commemorative Halves I classic coin album has 80 openings    Coin Viewing From Both Coin Sides    Protective Slides Hold Coins In PlaceWhitman Coin AlbumUnited States Commemorative Half Dollars Volume OneWhitman Album 9159Page         ContentsInside Cover         History on United States commemorative half dollars.Page 1         1921 Alabama With 2x2, 1921 Alabama, 1936 Albany, 1937 Antietam1935 Arkansas, 1935D Arkansas, 1935S Arkansas, 1936 Arkansas1936D Arkansas, 1936S Arkansas, 1937 Arkansas, 1937D Arkansas1937S Arkansas, 1938 Arkansas, 1938D Arkansas, 1938S ArkansasPage 2         1939 Arkansas, 1939D Arkansas, 1939S Arkansas, 1936S Bay Bridge1934 Boone, 1935 Boone, 1935D Boone, 1935S Boone1935 Boone Sm. 1934 on Rev., 1935D Boone Sm. 1934 on Rev., 1935S Boone Sm. 1934 on Rev., 1936 Boone1936D Boone, 1936S Boone, 1937 Boone, 1937D BoonePage 3         1937S Boone, 1938 Boone, 1938D Boone, 1938S Boone1936 Bridgeport, 1925S California, 1951 Carver-Washington, 1951D Carver-Washington1951S Carver-Washington, 1952 Carver-Washington, 1952D Carver-Washington, 1952S Carver-Washington1953 Carver-Washington, 1953D Carver Washington, 1953S Carver-Washington, 1954 Carver-WashingtonPage 4         1954D Carver-Washington, 1954S Carver-Washington, 1936 Cincinnati, 1936D Cincinnati1936S Cincinnati, 1936 Cleveland, 1936 Columbia S.C., 1936D Columbia S.C.1936S Columbia S.C., 1892 Columbian, 1893 Columbian, 1935 Connecticut1936 Delaware, 1936 Elgin, 1936 Gettysburg, 1922 Grant With StarPage 5         1922 Grant No Star, 1928 Hawaiian, 1935 Hudson N.Y., 1924 Huguenot-Walloon1918 Illinois, 1946 Iowa, 1925 Lexington-Concord, 1936 Long Island1936 Lynchburg, 1920 Maine, 1934 Maryland, 1921 Missouri1912 Missouri NO. 2*4, 1923S Monroe, 1938 New Rochelle, 1936 NorfolkInside Cover         Blank Guaranteed GenuineOhio residents must pay sales tax 8%Shipping Discounts for additional Listings $3.99 for the first listing and $1 per additional listing15 items or more ship free – no matter what you order Must be paid on 1 invoice and must be shipped in 1 packageBe sure all your items are on a single invoice or request an adjustment

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